This is a great article by medical journalist, Jerome Burne. For those who don’t know, there has been a vicious and ruthless attack on homeopathy in the UK by special interest groups over the years.  We have been lucky over here in North America and for that I am thankful.

Read this balanced and funny article for an insight into the challenges UK homeopaths have had to overcome and the apparent hypocrisy of the whole campaign.


‘Ultimately what Nightingale is attacking is the intelligence and judgement of people who are trying to find an effective way to heal themselves. If homeopathy, which even its most virulent critics cannot claim is remotely likely to be harmful, works for you, then someone needs to combine serious arrogance with real battiness to believe they have the right to stand in the way.’

Read the article hereJerome Burne

“Ideas that require people to reorganize their picture of the world provoke hostility.”-James Gleick, Choas: The Making of a New Science