Welcome to Zettl Homeopathy, established in 2010


My name is Christy and I am a classical homeopath and the founder of Jackson’s – Certified Vegan Schuessler Tissue Cell Salts.

Zettl Homeopathy is now a small private practice I keep in North Vancouver, British Columbia. I am not accepting new clients at this time.

Wishing you well on your healing journey…



Anger issues in a hyper-sensitive child

I brought my 9 year old daughter to see Christy after years of trying to help my daughter with anger issues, hypersensitivity to her clothes, and general lack of being able to tolerate a lot of stimuli. She was reactive to everything and a variety of other solutions including counseling, dietary changes, herbal remedies didn’t… Read more “Anger issues in a hyper-sensitive child”


Severe acid reflux and heartburn

I highly recommend Christy as the most outstanding homeopath! Within a few months of being under her care, I was completely relieved of severe acid reflux and heartburn conditions – so severe, that for six years I couldn’t go a day without medication. I have been medication-free for over two years, and am enjoying the… Read more “Severe acid reflux and heartburn”


Gout and esophageal spasms

My father has gout and has been treated medically for many years.  I began having gout attacks in my early forties and they continued until Christy began treating me in 2008.  I have not had one gout attack since her treatment, and I could not be more pleased.  I did not want to take a… Read more “Gout and esophageal spasms”


Excellent homeopath

Christy is an excellent homeopath! She’s an authentic and wise individual with utmost integrity in her work. Christy has helped me tremendously over the last year with both acute and constitutional remedies, and has always made herself available to me when I’ve needed her. I am grateful for her expertise and professionalism.


Anxiety and abnormal menstruation

I was completely new to homeopathy when I first met Christy several years ago. Not only did she take the time to answer all of my questions, but she also knew all the right questions to ask me in order to get to the bottom of my concerns. I have now been to see Christy… Read more “Anxiety and abnormal menstruation”


Post-surgery recovery

Christy, I would like to thank you for your amazing treatment that put me back on my feet in less than a week after my surgery. Without your homeopathic remedies, I probably would be out of bed but definitely not able to work yet. You kept me pain free which made extra happy. My customers… Read more “Post-surgery recovery”


Long standing skin eruption

I cannot express my gratitude enough towards Zettl Homeopathy.  I have had a skin condition since youth that dermatologists deemed incurable and since starting the first treatment it has improved by 95% and is almost gone. I was a bit skeptical about this healing method and was referred by a friend. I was pleasantly surprised!… Read more “Long standing skin eruption”



Christy’s specially formulated homeopathic remedy helped to solve my problem related to sleeplessness in under 4 weeks!  She is not just another homeopath but someone you can also trust as a friend.  I was extremely happy with her service and would highly recommend her for exploring cures you cannot find from allopathic medicines.


I have gone to see Christy for a few on going health problems. I have been to so many doctors and no one seemed to be able to help. With just a few visits and a couple of remedies Christy had me all sorted out! I now feel better than ever and can focus on… Read more “Digestion”


Hormonal imbalance post-hysterectomy

My path to Christy and Homeopathy, and journey to hormonal balance, has been long and winding. Eleven years ago an immediate hysterectomy was necessary and the on-set of hormonal imbalance * indicators was almost instantaneous. *e.g. Intense, long lasting and frequent (1 to 2 every hour) hot flashes, sudden and extreme anger and sadness, sleeplessness,… Read more “Hormonal imbalance post-hysterectomy”


Thorough case taking

Christy took the time to fully understand me and my history. She asked questions I never would have thought of and asked for a level of detail my own family doctor didn’t even ask! Within six months, I noticed such a positive change, even beyond what I expected. She is amazing, patient and smart! She… Read more “Thorough case taking”

Eczema and hip pain

Christy’s skill in homeopathy and get great “bedside” manner make for a winning combination. Christy understands that what ails the body is both physical and emotional. She successfully helped me with eczema. It was a challenging case that baffled traditional doctors. Within a few weeks, the eczema was gone. And, I was ecstatic. 🙂 A… Read more “Eczema and hip pain”


Severe anxiety and insomnia

Christy was truly a Godsend. After I had exhausted every avenue, traditional and non, she was recommended to me and like the last piece in the puzzle my life became normal again. Severe anxiety and insomnia were addressed in a matter of a week after I had spent two years coping and searching for a… Read more “Severe anxiety and insomnia”


Major life transition

A couple of weeks ago, I was going through a major life transition and Christy helped me immensely. She was kind, compassionate, and very skilled. Previously I had been working with a homeopath since 2007, and one of my former roommates is a homeopathic doctor. So I speak from experience and first hand knowledge of… Read more “Major life transition”


Erythromelalgia and hot flashes

Christy has been treating me for a condition called erythromelalgia, also known as “burning feet”. I had not been sleeping for 4 years when I started seeing Christy, so I am very happy that the remedies which she prepares for me give me relief for 3-4 weeks after each dose. They have also helped with… Read more “Erythromelalgia and hot flashes”


Grief and loss

Christy was extremely helpful to me during a period of significant personal loss. The remedies she provided made an immediate impact, helping to relieve some of the strongest and more overwhelming initial symptoms of grief. Long-term, I have noticed a lasting boost in emotional strength and energy which has been beneficial in many aspects of… Read more “Grief and loss”


Cold sores

During the consultation with Christy I had mentioned that I was felling the onset of a cold sore. I didn’t know that was something she could help me with but she provided me with a remedy and within a day I noticed an improvement! Having experienced cold sores for the last decade or so, I… Read more “Cold sores”


Chronic pain

After moving to the Okanagan, I continued to travel to Vancouver to see a homeopath — until I found Christy Zettl. She is a wonderful, calming person and I have had great results in eliminating some chronic pain and other long-standing issues. I would highly recommend anyone to try out Christy, who is a Classically… Read more “Chronic pain”

Anxiety and nervousness

Until about a year ago I had no experience with Homeopathy. I guess I was a little skeptical about it and whenever I experienced aches or pains I would resort to traditional medicine. I came to see Christy during a time when I was dealing with anxiety and nervousness, and taking traditional medication for my… Read more “Anxiety and nervousness”


Improved health & well-being

Seeing Christy Zettl has greatly improved my health and welling. Our appointments are thorough and informative. I trust that Christy Zettl has not only a broad knowledge in homeopathy but also a great sense of dedication to her clients.


Excellent classical homeopath

Christy is a consummate professional and excellent Classical Homeopath. I would highly recommend her for her skill and excellent knowledge. She also runs a highly efficient online pharmacy for homeopathic remedies.

Andrew Ward, RSHom, Classical Homeopath


I have been going to Christy for the past 4 months for the treatment of hyperthyroidism.  It is a condition quite prevalent among Chinese women and it is tough to treat.  From the very first visit with Christy up to the present, I have been greatly helped by the remedies Christy prescribed for me.  The… Read more “Hyperthyroidism”


Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

I started seeing Christy at Zettl Homeopathy 18 months ago as I was having recurring UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) that antibiotics were not resolving. Christy worked with me to find a healing remedy that worked for my body and I have been free of these painful occurrences for a whole year now. I feel healthier… Read more “Urinary tract infections (UTIs)”


Perimenopausal hot flashes

For the last year and a half, I have been suffering with perimenopausal hot flashes and I just couldn’t find relief with any of the treatments I purchased at my health food store. I’m so grateful that I was introduced to Christy. With her experience, great care and skill of asking the right questions in order to learn… Read more “Perimenopausal hot flashes”


Hot flashes and peri-menopausal symptoms

I had been having intense frequent hot flashes for a year before I went to see Christy Zettl. After just 2 sessions with homeopathic remedies she completely cured me of them and I feel stronger emotionally as well. I would highly recommend seeing her for any peri-menopausal or menopausal symptoms you may have.


Getting pregnant and skin problems

I had never tried homeopathy before meeting Christy Zettl and was pretty skeptical that little coated sugar pills could make a significant health difference. I first gave it a try when I had a skin problem that was on my face and was amazed at the visible results within 2 days. I had also been… Read more “Getting pregnant and skin problems”

Anne Whitmore

Mother with skin and hormonal imbalances and young child with anxiety and sleeplessness

Christy has endlessly helped and supported my daughter and myself through two years of sleep struggles, sensory processing troubles, skin issues (eczema and rosacea), numerous cold and flu seasons, hormonal issues, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Everything and more that can come with being a new mom to a very sensitive high needs child. Step by… Read more “Mother with skin and hormonal imbalances and young child with anxiety and sleeplessness”

-NS, North Vancouver

Post cancer recovery

A year after having my Thyroid removed due to Thyroid cancer, I went for my first Homeopathy visit with Christy.  I was relieved to feel that someone was taking the time to hear about all my symptoms and use them to put the pieces of recovery together.     Getting a clean bill of health from the… Read more “Post cancer recovery”

-Peggy, Kelowna BC

Pre-menopause in a 33 year woman

I went to see Christy because I was diagnosed with pre-menopause. I am 33 years old and trying to get pregnant. I was suffering many and very strong hot flashes during the day, night sweats that kept waking me up all night long, and I was having constant headaches and migraines. Also, I was getting… Read more “Pre-menopause in a 33 year woman”


Depression and PMS

I had heard amazing stories about homeopathic treatment so I gave it a try about a year ago when I felt depressed for about 2 months. I had an appointment with Christy and my first words were: either you will work some magic on me or I will have to go to a psychologist and… Read more “Depression and PMS”