[Originally published in Health Action: The Voice of Natural Wellness Summer 2015 issue, p.53 ‘The Homeopathic ABC of Injury & Recovery’]

The treatment of injuries is a small but growing field of practice and research in homeopathy. A recent German poll reported that nearly 92% of all doctors working at German football league teams (including the national team) prescribe homeopathic remedies to players.
The lead researcher reported that, “The success stories are impressive …..homeopathic substances don’t have any side effects, and we’re on the safe side where doping is concerned.” Homeopathic remedies do not act on a chemical level like conventional over-the-counter and prescription medication and are instead designed to work with the body’s self-healing abilities.

Elite athletes like David Beckham and Canadian figure skater Elvis Stojko have publicly credited homeopathy for improving recovery times from injury and strain. I’ve also seen some remarkable results in my practice, with clients consistently healing faster than predicted and without re-injury. Homeopathic remedies can assist the recovery processes of the body and help restore normal function. Additionally, they are safe, natural, and non-toxic- safe for the whole family.

Arnica montana


Classical homeopathy’s greatest export, Arnica montana, is well known and has been used for over two hundred years in traumatic conditions. Today, it is commonly found in conventional and homeopathic preparations alike. But did you know Arnica has two cousins in homeopathy, Bellis perennis and Calendula officinalis, that can be used to treat the injuries Arnica can’t?


Both have been used for well over a hundred years and can be just as invaluable in specific circumstances. For instance, Arnica shouldn’t be given (orally/topically) where there is an open wound or cut. In this case, Calendula is a better choice.  Bellis is invaluable for people with injuries from intense training schedules or injuries in cold, wet environments.


It’s the homeopathic ABC of injury & recovery: Arnica, Bellis, and Calendula. Remember these little daisies and you will be able to naturally assist your body to bounce back, whatever the injury.

Remedy Arnica montana Bellis perennis Calendula officinalis
In homeopathy known as the trauma remedy par excellence Arnica without bruising the homeopathic antiseptic
Indicated for* Concussions, contusions, compressions

Injuries that lead to significant bruising

First remedy to take post trauma

Post-operative recovery of deep/soft tissue incisions

Soreness/fatigue from constant physical exertion

Injuries sustained in cold and wet environments.

Post-operative recovery of superficial incisions

Granulation and closing of wounds/cuts (antiseptic properties)

Location of injury Head/neck


Anywhere with significant bruising

Abdomen, soft tissue


Things to keep in your first aid kit Arnica 30C**

Arnica cream for minor bumps and bruises

Bellis 30C** Calendula 30C**

Calendula oil- apply a couple drops before dressing

*Always seek professional medical advice with any injury

**Dosage depends on the type/severity of injury. Consult with a registered homeopath (bcsh.ca) for your individual dosage requirements.