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Below are the ‘Top 25 Hottest Articles’ on homeopathy for the months April to June 2013.

Articles included:
1. The Memory of Water: an overview
2. The research evidence base for homeopathy: a fresh assessment of the literature
3. Randomised controlled trials of homeopathy in humans: characterising the research journal literature for systematic review
4. Homeopathy – between tradition and modern science: remedies as carriers of significance
5. Nanosized solvent superstructures in ultramolecular aqueous dilutions: twenty years’research using water proton NMR relaxation
6. Clinical verification in homeopathy and allergic conditions
7. The placebo effect and homeopathy
8. Homeopathic treatment of premenstrual syndrome: a case series
9. A quantum-like model of homeopathy clinical trials: importance of in situ randomization and unblinding
10. The 2005 meta-analysis of homeopathy: the importance of post-publication data
11. A systematic review and meta-analysis on the use of Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s Wort) for pain conditions in dental practice
12. Should homeopathy be considered as part of a treatment strategy for otitis media with effusion in children?
13. Randomised controlled trials of veterinary homeopathy: Characterising the peer-reviewed research literature for systematic review
14. Homeopathic and integrative treatment for feline hyperthyroidism – four cases (2006-2010)
15. Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A nanoparticulate perspective
16. A prospective multi-centric open clinical trial of homeopathy in diabetic distal symmetric polyneuropathy
17. A randomized placebo-controlled pilot study of Cat saliva 9cH and Histaminum 9cH in cat allergic adults
18. Effects of microcurrent application alone or in combination with topical Hypericum perforatum L. and Arnica montana L. on surgically induced wound healing in Wistar rats
Homeopathy, Volume 101, Issue 3, July 2012, Pages 147-153
19. The defining role of structure (including epitaxy) in the plausibility of homeopathy
20. Homeopathy for anxiety and anxiety disorders: A systematic review of the research
21. Homeopathic ear drops as an adjunct to standard therapy in children with acute otitis media
22. Randomized controlled pilot study to compare Homeopathy and Conventional therapy in Acute Otitis Media
23. Effect of the oral administration homeopathic Arnica montana on mitochondrial oxidative stress
24. Early udder inflammation in dairy cows treated by a homeopathic medicine
25. The silica hypothesis for homeopathy: physical chemistry

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