Calcium phosphate 6x aka Calcarea phosphorica aka Calc-phos for short is a mineral salt ‘absolutely essential to the proper growth and nutrition in the body. This salt is found in the blood plasma, saliva, gastric juices, BONES, connective tissues, teeth, milk, etc. It gives solidity to bones.’ (Boericke and Dewey)

When there is an imbalance of Calc phos in the body the following symptoms can arise (among many many others):

Bones problems, fractures, growing pains, and late dentition in children.

I have given this cell salt many many times in my practice to help fractures heal faster, for children’s growing pains, to women with osteopenia, and to improve calcium absorption with susceptible clients…the list goes on.
A great remedy protocol for fractures, after the bone has been set, is to alternate 1 dose Calcarea phosphorica 6X AM and Symphytum (aka boneset/comfrey) 6C in the PM for 7=14 days. I’ve seen it work wonders.

See Jackson’s #2 Calc phos 6X here