Natural remedy for overexertion homeopathic remedy natural sports remedy

Bellis Perennis (common name Daisy)

Bellis perennis for overexertion

Remedy information

Bellis perennis belongs to the same Compositae family as Arnica and Calendula and all three remedies are allied in their action. They are well worth knowing as natural remedies for injuries. Bellis perennis been used in homeopathic medicine for over a hundred years.

homeopathic remedy for overexertion natural sports remedy


Bellis perennis’s old names of ‘Wound-wort’ and ‘Bruise-wort’ shows the main sphere of action it has on the body. Can be helpful for elite athletes who overexert their body or anyone on a strenuous physical routine.


Post-operative recovery of deep/soft tissue. Injuries sustained in cold and wet environments. Soreness and fatigue from over-exertion.

What the experts say about Bellis perennis

William Boericke, M.D. (1927):

  • Acts upson the muscular fibers of the blood vessels.
  • Much muscular soreness
  • First remedy in injuries to deeper tissues, after major surgical work.
  • Results of injuries to nerves with intense soreness and intolerance of cold bathing.

John Henry Clarke M.D. (1900):

  • The old name of “Wound-wort”, or “Bruise-wort” show one of the main spheres of the action of Bellis, and allies it in action with its fellow Compositae, Arnica and Calendula

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