Over the next couple days, it is worth reflecting on how your health has been in the last year and set goals and your definition of the health for the coming year.

Questions to reflect on:

Were there months that your energy levels, diet, or sleep were out of wack?

Did you get repeated colds or allergies and use repeat over the counter or prescription medication?

How would you rate your overall stress level both professionally and personally?

When you are in good health, ie your body is functioning in a stable state with all bodily systems running at an optimal level, your overall ability to participate in your life is maximized. For example, productivity level is increased at work and your ability to work on a challenging personal relationship is enhanced.

In order to maintain this, it is necessary to recognize the signs when your body is under too much stress (emotionally, physically, or nutritionally- or any combination of the three) so you can make the necessary adjustments before it develops into a chronic disease.
When life is perceived as a series of obstacles or frustrations, it can be a sign to slow down and reset.
Common beginning signs of imbalance in the body:
1. Waking at night

2. Waking tired

3. Changes in diet/exercise level

4. Feeling of lethargy

So often the case, people wait until the symptoms have fully progressed before treatment is sought because typically a doctor must make a diagnosis before he can prescribe a suitable medicine.

What if there was a medicine and approach to health that could treat symptoms the minute they appear? That increased your self-regulatory powers so your overall level of health was increased naturally and was sustained without need for continued medication? That enabled you to feel in control of your health and vital?

Welcome to Homeopathic Medicine!

2 Steps to Increase Self Awareness:

We all have a different idea of what health is. The more specific you can be about what heath is to you, the more attainable your goals will be.


1. On a piece of paper write down your definition of health. What qualities, attributes, abilities, or habits would you have?


2. Start a health journal: 30 secs before bed each night write how you felt in the day, energy levels, sleep quality, mood, and any other of note either electronically, in a journal, or on a calendar. This journal can be as brief or involved as you want but try to record a score for energy level and anything of note that comes up daily.

‘Data, data, data. I cannot make bricks without clay.’ -Sherlock Holmes
I recommend this to all my patients because it facilitates a their ability to tune into the beginnings of imbalance before illness has been established, and it helps me find the best homeopathic medicine for their unique set of conditions.


For the upcoming year, let’s make it a productive one and keep illness at bay the minute it happens. Prevention is always the best medicine.
Happy New Year!