The following books are a good start into the world of homeopathy. Core teaching books of any homeopathic training course.

Hahnemann Memorial at Scott Circle in Washington, DC (1900)

Hahnemann Memorial at Scott Circle in Washington, DC (1900)

Works by the ‘Greats’ of Homeopathy

Hahnemann, S (1831) The Organon of Medicine (6th Ed). Trans by W Boericke (1921). The first philosophical work on the homeopathy, ever!

Kent, JT (1900) The Art and Science of Homeopathic Medicine. Another big name in homeopathy around 100 years ago.

Kent, JT (1904) Lectures on Homeopathic Materia Medica. He gives some of the most vivid and accurate symptom ‘picture’ of homeopathic remedies that we still use today, treating the same patterns of illness.

Vithoulkas, G (1980) The Science of Homeopathy. George Vithoulkas has been practising classical homeopathy for over fifty years and has treated over two hundred thousand people. He supervises a hospital and clinic, and runs educational programs for medical doctors and practising homeopaths alike. This book is a furthering of classical homeopathic thought in the view of health and disease in the body and has direct and practical application to homeopathic practice.

Carlino, S & Vithoulkas, G (2010)¬†A Unified Theory of Diseases¬†Published in Medical Science Monitor. I can’t believe this outstanding paper hasn’t got more press. He has laid down the gauntlet for a modern, scientific and holistic theory of health and disease.