The recent publication by Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) on homeopathy has caused many independent experts to issue official responses to the report. They all contend that the report’s conclusions seriously misrepresent the nature of the clinical research evidence in homeopathy and since the draft was released in June 2014 for public consultation, several fundamental problems with its methodology were highlighted and underscored. None were addressed in the final publication.

Read official responses below for a more detailed critique of the report by independent experts:

  1. Complementary Medicines Australia
  2. Australian Traditional-Medicine Society
  3. Homeopathy Research Institute
  4. British Homeopathic Association

Read NHMRC report here

In contrast, a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) report on homeopathy was commissioned by the Swiss Government in 2011. It is a larger and more comprehensive report on homeopathy’s research base and found ‘in the synthesis of results, 20 of 22 reviews found a trend in favour of homeopathy.’

Read Swiss HTA report on homeopathy

For a list of other reviews done in homeopathy please visit: