ADHD and Homeopathy?

Of note in September was a study from researchers at the University of Toronto and University of Alberta called, ‘An Open-Label Pilot Study of Homeopathic Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Youth‘. They found ‘63% had a statistically significant improvement’ and the findings warranted future research.  German researchers also had good results in their rigorous study using homeopathy to treat ADHD.  See a previous post here about that.


‘Homeopathy in the treatment of fibromyalgia–a comprehensive literature-review and meta-analysis’ was also published. They found that there is ‘sufficient basis for discussing the possible benefits of homeopathy for patients suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome’ although more research is needed at this preliminary stage.

It is a surprisingly common condition these days and more research is needed into safe and non-toxic alternatives (like homeopathy) for pain management.

There is a lot of bad press right now about the dangers of current pain medication and high addiction rates.  Did you know the national consumption of Opioid painkillers ‘has risen so rapidly that Canada now ranks second per capita only to the United States, where painkillers take more lives than heroin and cocaine combined’? We don’t know what the exact numbers are in Canada because we don’t have a federal/provincial system in place to keep track of prescription deaths.  We do know that long term use of them can actually cause the pain they are treating.

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