Time(originally composed November 2012)

What is it that speeds up life? I’m currently sitting in a train on my way to San Francisco and with all this time (without Internet) I suddenly can’t think of all the tasks that constantly crowd around me to be done. Pressure, pressure, demands, and now nothing. Just looking out a window contemplating the pace of life. It’s kind of nice to be quiet.

Since when did it become ok to work 3 electronic devices simultaneously? It creeped into my life. When I was bugging a friend for doing it, she said, ‘you just wait’. Well now I currently work 4 email accounts, texts, 2 Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, 4 telephone lines, and 3 separate websites. I hear Twitter might be the most effective tool for my business and I am actively ignoring it. When is enough, ENOUGH?

And now I’m here on a train with none of it. Granted I have emails ready to be sent as soon as I hit some wifi and my iPod is blaring but compared to real life a drop in the ocean.

Funny I keep saying real life. Because what of the above is real?

No judgements here but I acutely feel like time is speeding up. With every new account I set up, I can feel a grey hair sprouting out in protest.

Enough! I’m taking stock.

Part Two next week…