“For the last year and a half, I have been suffering with perimenopausal hot flashes and I just couldn’t find relief with any of the treatments I purchased at my health food store. I’m so grateful that I was introduced to Christy. With her experience, great care and skill of asking the right questions in order to learn about me, she was able to prescribe the correct remedies to help with my hot flashes. Christy continues to work with me and is always making sure that her remedies are effective. Thank you Christy.” E.H.

“I had been having intense frequent hot flashes for a year before I went to see Christy Zettl. After just 2 sessions with homeopathic remedies she completely cured me of them and I feel stronger emotionally as well. I would highly recommend seeing her for any peri-menopausal or menopausal symptoms you may have.” -W.J.

“Christy has been treating me for a condition called erythromelalgia, also known as “burning feet”. I had not been sleeping for 4 years when I started seeing Christy, so I am very happy that the remedies which she prepares for me give me relief for 3-4 weeks after each dose. They have also helped with my hot flushes.” -M.C.