I had never tried homeopathy before meeting Christy Zettl and was pretty skeptical that little coated sugar pills could make a significant health difference. I first gave it a try when I had a skin problem that was on my face and was amazed at the visible results within 2 days. I had also been trying to get pregnant for over a year and look at the results: while I didn’t go to homeopathy about fertility, I was pregnant 2 weeks later. Strong coincidence!

I was pleased to know that homeopathy is safe for women to use during pregnancy because the only thing worse than having allergies is not being able to take anything for them. I guess while my body was working extra hard to grow a baby, it also worked overtime to have worse allergies than normal. Christy’s diagnosis took into consideration both my immediate and contextual conditions with great results.

As a life coach, I noticed that one of the side benefits was an increased awareness of where things were out of balance in my life and points of stress that I had been ignoring. Christy is approachable, professional and a superb listener. She explained the process every step of the way so that I felt comfortable and confident that I was in good hands.

I came to Christy as a skeptic and now I highly recommend Christy Zettl of Zettl Homeopathy for an effective treatment of acute, ongoing or bizarre health issues. And you might get a baby bonus – if you want one.

In Joy,

Anne Whitmore, CPCC
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