Over the last couple weeks there has been a persistent news feed about the efficacy of homeopathy in light of a report recently done in Australia. There were articles in the Guardian, on Global TV to name a few.  I did some of my own research and despite the exclamatory article titles (see ‘Homeopathy is Bunk’ -shame on you Guardian) the actual report is not as it seems (and it’s an ‘information paper’ not study, Guardian).

One point worth noting is that it is a review of two previously conducted reviews. I think, Dr Robert Mathie, Research Development Adviser for British Homeopathic Institute says it best: “Given that a review of reviews is two stages removed from the original clinical trial evidence, it has the potential to misrepresent the totality of the relevant research”

A giant filter is applied to research studies when conducting a review, so by doing a review of a review, it has the potential to exclude a great body of research already out there.

The British Homeopathic Organization is to start its own systematic review of homeopathic studies and will be releasing their results. I can’t wait 🙂

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