Zettl Homeopathy Cyclamen 2

Fall is a wonderful time to spot Cyclamens’ flowering. Their distinctive leaf pattern makes them hard to miss. They love to grow in a shady leafy ground, perfect for brightening up a dark shady spot in the gardening.

Traditional uses of Cylclamen europeum

Hering (1897) writes that, ‘the Cyclamen Europeum, or Sow-bread, was extensively used in medicine by the ancients. Their descriptions of its properties are vague enough, but it is remarkable that they ascribe to it a power to affect the uterus and its appendages – which ascription was not physiologically verified until the most recent provings. It used to be considered that the root of Cyclamen, applied externally, hastened difficult labours, and assuaged the pains.’

Homeopathic uses of Cyclamen europeum

Did you know that Cyclamen europeam has been used in classical homeopathy to treat uterine affections for hundreds of years? The remedy was introduced into our Materia Medica by Dr. Hahnemann and proved by members of the Austrian Society of Homeopathic Physicians at Vienna. I have used it with success in patients with heavy periods and mood changes during menopause.

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