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Homeopathic remedy: Arnica montana

Homeopathic remedy: Arnica montana

This week I was going to talk about the Queen and how the royal families and many celebrities choose homeopathy. But yesterday as I was falling off my chair, I thought it might be useful to talk about important first aid remedies that are easy to remember and invaluable to have on hand.

So get a pen (or just copy and paste 😉 )…

This week’s remedy is: ARNICA. It is the number 1 remedy for shock trauma, accidents, and concussions and is a main ingredient in Traumeel.  If given immediately after an accident it can greatly reduce the intensity and severity of symptoms. Accidents like car crashes, falling off a bike, sports injuries, and even office related incidents, like trying to stand on an unstable chair with a large jug of water. Anything that is going to cause a lot of bruising but there is no actual bleeding, think of ARNICA. Indicator for it is when the person says, ‘I’m fine, leave me alone’ when they’ve just been in a serious accident.

Next week we’ll learn about a remedy for panic attacks and give an alternative to Ativan and alcohol for those afraid of flying.