“Until about a year ago I had no experience with Homeopathy. I guess I was a little skeptical about it and whenever I experienced aches or pains I would resort to traditional medicine. I came to see Christy during a time when I was dealing with anxiety and nervousness, and taking traditional medication for my symptoms didn’t help. After my first consultation I learned that Homeopathy is not just about treating the symptoms but finding the source/cause. It begins with assessing who you are as an individual and finding the suitable remedy. Within a week of taking the remedy I experienced a significant change in my mood, energy level and the symptoms I had experienced when I was anxious or nervous were gone. This is a testimonial not only to homeopathy but especially to Christy’s vast knowledge on Homeopathy and her dedication to her clients. The sensitivity she applies to each case and her ability to make one feel comfortable lead me to recommend her to friends and family.” -K.S.