Christy has endlessly helped and supported my daughter and myself through two years of sleep struggles, sensory processing troubles, skin issues (eczema and rosacea), numerous cold and flu seasons, hormonal issues, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Everything and more that can come with being a new mom to a very sensitive high needs child.

Step by step we have solved pieces of our complicated issues and we are now doing well. I was so frustrated with modern medicine and the lack of answers, support, or even acknowledgement of issues. But homeopathy and Christy’s depth of knowledge astound me every time. When you find the right remedy, wow, the effects are great! It is so simple yet so mind blowing.

Christy is a warm and welcoming soul. She is an amazing homeopath, but also a wonderful person who radiates the most positive energy. Talking with her is very comforting and calming.