I have been going to Christy for the past 4 months for the treatment of hyperthyroidism.  It is a condition quite prevalent among Chinese women and it is tough to treat.  From the very first visit with Christy up to the present, I have been greatly helped by the remedies Christy prescribed for me.  The hyperthyroidism is under control and has normalized.  My health has significantly improved, and continues to improve.  I am so thankful to be under the care of Christy and I will continue to see Christy to stay in good health.

Christy is warm, tender-hearted and compassionate.  She listens patiently to me when I relate the problems I go through, and, at each visit, I feel like she is lending support to me in my journey.  When I leave at the end of the session, it is comforting having the weight of the burdens lessened, and being confident that I will recover to good health with the remedies I receive from Christy.

Last, but not least, I believe Christy is highly knowledgeable, learned and brilliant in her profession in homeopathy.  To me, she is an outstanding practitioner in the field of alternative health medicine.