I brought my 9 year old daughter to see Christy after years of trying to help my daughter with anger issues, hypersensitivity to her clothes, and general lack of being able to tolerate a lot of stimuli. She was reactive to everything and a variety of other solutions including counseling, dietary changes, herbal remedies didn’t seem to be providing any true resolution or long lasting help. She just seemed so uncomfortable in her own skin. Christy met with us and she started on a remedy based on the homeopathic protocol that suited her. I saw improvements in my daughter initially and within a couple of months I saw a radically different child. She was able to wear pants, long sleeves, she didn’t tantrum as easily and her entire system seemed soothed somehow. Now, a year later she is a happy, healthy, and more level child that experiences the world in a way that isn’t so overwhelming. Homeopathy has been a life changer for my daughter and the entire family.

I recommend Christy to everyone I know. Every member of our family has seen her and seen success in treating both acute and chronic conditions. She is a brilliant, intuitive, knowledgable practitioner.