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Zettl Homeopathy is 10 years old this year!

Zettl Homeopathy was started in 2010 by London-trained clasical homeopath, Christy Zettl, to provide the highest standard in complementary health care to people seeking safe, natural, and non-invasive approaches to health management.

She was introduced to homeopathy in her late teens when it cured her lifelong eczema after a couple doses (and has stayed away for seventeen years and counting!)

About Christy

Christy is the only degree trained homeopath in Vancouver


  • 2004 – 2008 : Bachelor of Sciences (Honours) in Health Sciences; Homeopathy from the University of Westminster (London, United Kingdom)- approximately 4500 hour degree course made up of classes and clinics in classical homeopathic principles/practice and human sciences like physiology and anatomy.
  • 2008 – 2009 : Post – graduate courses from George Vithoulkas at Regents College in London, UK
  • 2011 to present : Registered member of the BC Association of Homeopaths (BCAH) and by extension, the Canadian Homeopathic Association (CHA) a new Canada wide organization for professional homeopaths.

Volunteer work

  • 2018 to present : Secretary, BC Association of Homeopaths (
  • 2011 – 2013 : Volunteer homeopath in the Downtown Eastside offering free homeopathic treatment to the women residents of Rainier Hotel.
  • 2012 – 2015 : Membership Secretary, BC Society of Homeopaths (now called the BC Association of Homeopaths).

Zettl Homeopathy’s practice philosophy

Health is the ability to flexibly respond and adapt to the environment around us. It is a dynamic state. At Zettl Homeopathy, the self-regulatory ability of the body is called the defense mechanism and is the overriding energy that responds to stress and maintains homeostasis.

Sometimes stress is sufficiently intense that symptoms arise in response to it and our defense mechanism is not able to resolve the imbalance on its own. Stress can come in many different forms (e.g. physical, emotional, mental, nutritional, physical, or genetic predispositions) and each person reacts uniquely whether on the physical, emotional, or mental levels.

When symptoms become sub-acute and chronic, it is a sign the defense mechanism has been weakened and thus is unable to overcome its current difficulty.

The goal of treatment is to strengthen the body’s defense mechanism so that symptoms naturally dissipate

Safe, natural, and non-toxic homeopathic remedies are individually prescribed to strengthen and support the body’s defense mechanism and self-regulatory abilities.

Health is not in a bottle. It is in how we live. A pragmatic approach to diet, exercise, and rest is included in the package of care. Less is more when it comes to maintaining good health and small, measurable, daily changes are the way to lasting change.

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Please see the testimonials page for what conditions have been helped by Zettl Homeopathy.

She was introduced to homeopathy in her late teens when it cured her lifelong eczema after a couple doses (and has stayed away for fourteen years and counting).  She has found following classical homeopathy protocols and administering minimal doses on an individual basis is capable of sustaining health for extended periods of time. 


Zettl Homeopathy is fully insured.

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