I went to see Christy because I was diagnosed with pre-menopause. I am 33 years old and trying to get pregnant. I was suffering many and very strong hot flashes during the day, night sweats that kept waking me up all night long, and I was having constant headaches and migraines. Also, I was getting concern because I notice my memory was getting so bad to the point that I thought that maybe I was getting early onset of Alzheimers!
Before Zettl Homeopathy I went to acupuncture for several months, spending a fortune in treatment, herbal teas and supplements without any improvement, actually I was feeling worse. Luckily I found Zettl Homeopathy in a Google search.
Christy is a compassionated soul, I was able to pour my soul and frustration and therefore my healing started. Within a month of treatment most of my symptoms were gone and I was able to have a good night sleep at last. Even my memory went back to normal. I have had the last 2 periods in a timely fashion. I am not pregnant yet, but at least now I feel like my normal self and ready to go wherever this “pregnancy journey” wants to take me. I feel so blessed that I found her!