I had heard amazing stories about homeopathic treatment so I gave it a try about a year ago when I felt depressed for about 2 months.

I had an appointment with Christy and my first words were: either you will work some magic on me or I will have to go to a psychologist and get some anti-depressant as I couldn’t handle my situation anymore.

I suffered from typical symptoms of depression: disturbed sleep, lack of appetite, lack of energy, frayed emotions, and spending days in my bed doing nothing.

It felt like I was no longer a capable, dynamic woman who was in control of her life.

I received a remedy and within a few weeks I felt like the old me. It turned my emotions around and the depression lifted. Since then I know that Christy’s magic works. 🙂

During my follow-up appointment Christy noticed that I was having some menstrual problems. I was surprised that she wanted to work on that as for me it was kind of natural, escpecially as all the ladies in my family had to go through this.

Pain could last for hours, that sometimes appeared suddenly and was so strong that it caused vomiting, fainting, dizziness. I thought this was normal. I didn’t like any of the conventional alternatives (go on the pill, have a baby) so I went with the third one: homeopathy.

So I gave it a try and I have never regretted it. Since then every 4-5 months I have a take a new remedy for a couple of doses but those 4-5 months without the pain and stress associated with it is worth every penny.

Christy opened my eyes with her remedies. She released me from the pain I had each and every month for the last 15 years.

Thank you very much!