Sometimes it is not necessary to meet for the full 45 minutes, especially if we are meeting regularly (ie monthly). In response to this, I have added an option on the online booking to schedule a ‘Short Consultation’. If you think we only need 20 minutes to catch up on your case and it has been less than 8 weeks since your last appointment, this is a good option for you! It is $85 ($89.25 with GST) and includes one homeopathic remedy. This can be especially useful as we start treatment and allows us to meet more regularly to get things on track.

Telephone and email check ins are still free of charge of course, use them! 🙂

I appreciate everyone in my practice who pays out of pocket for my services and want to keep it simple yet customized to what is best for your individual course of homeopathy.

If we are booked for a regular consultation and it turns out we don’t need the whole time, $85 is also the minimum appointment charge.

Read more about my services, fees, and updated consultation flow here.

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