In person appointments coming back July 14!

Fees & Services

Fee Schedule Effective July 1, 2020

Initial consultation (75 minutes) – $185 (Reduced price in effect until Sept 1, 2020)

Consultation (45 minutes) – $120

Consultation (30 minutes) – $90

Consultation fees include taxes, one homeopathic remedy (pellets), and free shipping

Package of care and flow of treatment

I recommend a commitment to three consultations to all new clients coming for multiple or chronic complaints they’ve had for more than a year.

  • Initial consultation
  • Then two consultations booked 3-4 weeks apart.
  • Telephone and email check-ins (as needed) in between appointments.

If you have had complex health complaints then a commitment to six appointments spaced 4-6 weeks apart is reasonable. In these cases, I am looking for slow, steady, and sustained improvement.

The homeopathic remedy is included in the fees and will last at least four weeks. A telephone check-in is recommended no later than 2 weeks after starting the first homeopathic remedy.

It is at this time we can decide whether to continue on as prescribed in your remedy plan, change the dosage/strength of the remedy, or change the remedy completely before our next consultation. There is no charge for any additional remedies recommended at this point besides a shipping charge if you’re not able to pick up the remedies in person.

A consultation is booked for 2-3 weeks after we speak (or 3-4 weeks after starting the remedy). Remedies are always included in the consultation fees and will last at least 4 weeks. If a consultation is not required just more of your remedy, there is a minimum compounding charge of $17 for remedy pellets and $25 for liquid remedies and both include free shipping.

I endeavor to answer emails and telephone calls in a timely manner. Please keep in mind I am a one woman operation so sometimes if the clinic is busy it may take me up to 48 hours to reply (within Monday-Friday). I will do my best to answer before then.

Consultation format

The initial consultation is 75 minutes and we cover all aspects of your health including your chief complaint(s), medical history, family health history, and general health characteristics like sleep patterns, energy levels, lifestyle, and dietary preferences. After we meet, I research your case and presenting symptoms until I find a homeopathic remedy that best matches your symptom pattern. It is dispensed from our clinic and we can arrange a time for pickup at the office or I can mail it to you.

Follow up consultations are 30-45 minutes in length and we assess the remedy’s action on your defense mechanism and decide whether to maintain our current course or modify.

Very often when a chronic case is unfolding and symptoms are starting to resolve, there is a need to use a series of complementary remedies, each targeted at the specific symptom pattern coming up. This is, my experience, is the most successful way to use classical homeopathy to treat complex chronic cases.

Have questions? I would love to chat and learn more about your individual circumstances.

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