Fees & Services

Simplified fee schedule

Initial consultation (75-90 minutes) – $195
Follow up consultation (30-45 minutes) – $110
1.     Fees include homeopathic remedy, and all telephone and email check ins for 4 weeks after appointment.
2.     Children 12 and under and Adults 75 and over receive a 10% discount.

Included in the package of care

The first homeopathic prescription is included in the fees. Brief informal telephone or email check-ins are also included. It is your responsibility to check in by telephone or email and I encourage it especially at the beginning of treatment so we can work together to assess your symptoms and get treatment on the right track.

Additional homeopathic prescriptions are $10 – 20 each.

I endeavor to answer emails and telephone calls within 48 – 72 hours Monday – Friday.

Additionally, advice on change of lifestyle, diet and substance-abuse behaviors, acquisition of stress-reduction techniques and exercise are part of the package of care.

Consultation format

The initial consultation is 75-90 minutes and we cover all aspects of your health including your chief complaint(s), medical history, family health history, and general health characteristics like sleep patterns, energy levels, lifestyle, and dietary preferences. After we meet, I research your case and presenting symptoms until I find a homeopathic remedy that best matches your symptom pattern. It is dispensed from our clinic and we can arrange a time for pickup at the office or I can mail it to you (regular post $5, Expedited $10-15).

A follow up consultation is scheduled for 3-4 weeks after starting the prescription so we can assess the remedy’s action and make any necessary changes. Follow up consultations are 30-45 minutes in length. A second follow up consultation is scheduled for 6 weeks after that.

I highly recommend committing to three consultations over a 3 month period to make the most of the homeopathic process. Follow up consultations are then booked every 2 – 3 months or based on the individual circumstances of your case.

Have questions? Book a complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation