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photo of Christy ZettlLess is more. Health in your body is a dynamic state that sometimes needs a little nudge to get moving in the right direction.

I help you achieve optimal health by using homeopathic remedies that trigger the body’s own healing mechanisms and self-regulatory powers.

Multiple areas of health can be addressed in one treatment plan, so the whole you can start to feel better, together.Learn more

I had never tried homeopathy before meeting Christy Zettl and was pretty skeptical that little coated sugar pills could make a significant health difference. I first gave it a try when I had a skin problem that was on my face and was amazed at the visible results within 2 days. I had also been trying to get pregnant for over a year and look at the results: while I didn’t go to homeopathy about fertility, I was pregnant 2 weeks later. Strong coincidence! I was pleased to know that homeopathy…
Anne Whitmore

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1 W Pender Street (enter through Line 5 Studios)

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1298 Sutherland Ave at Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research & Education offices

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